February 2015

Kevin Ireland From The Shard to the Tate 01-03-1February has been a pretty dead month for me, photographically. Indeed, the above is the only digital photograph I took all month (this must be something of a record) – and this was taken on my phone. From the north side of the river Thames, more or less directly opposite The Globe, it gives a panorama from the Shard to the Tate Modern.

However, I did take some photos using old-fashioned film. At least I hope I did…… Rob kindly gave me a Minox 35GL that he had found on Ebay. I have very fond memories of this camera, as it’s the one I used when I worked in Sudan in the 1980s. So, I now have a film to be developed – hopefully full of photos, but being the first time out of a second hand camera, possibly with nothing on it at all. We shall see.

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