East Sudan

For around a year I was based in Gedaref in East Sudan, working for Save the Children: assisting refugees from Tigray; providing nutrition support to nomads affected by drought and helping develop a health centre for children in Port Sudan. It was a fascinating and wonderful experience and it was a delight a few years ago to find some of my photos from this time locked in a trunk in the loft. Many of the photos had been developed in back-room photography shops in Khartoum and the negatives were often damaged, but with scanning and a lot of time retouching they provide a useful memory of the time.

Wad Kowli-7

Wad Kowli-6 Wad Kowli Wad Kowli-5

Wad Kowli - making injeera Wad Kowli-3 Wad Kowli-2

Wad Kowli-4

Water supply East Sudan


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